Catherine leads the Prime MD team in developing business strategies and key relationships that respond to fulfilling the company mission to provide life-changing and life- improving cutting-edge optimal health Wellness and Age Management.

“Prolific Entrepreneur” is the best way to describe Catherine’s 35+ year career in business. Catherine graduated cum laude from the University of Illinois with an Architecture degree and went on to design hospitals and clinics for major health care institutions across the country, achieving recognition from the University of Iowa Hospital & Clinics for her design of the Digestive Diseases Clinic, the UIHC Burn Center and the Colloton Pavilion. With an affinity for building businesses , she went on to start her own interior design company, architecture company, commercial construction company, and commercial real estate development company. Catherine serves on several Boards , most recently, as the founding co-sponsor of the Duke Dream Campaign.

In her spare time besides spending time with her lovely family, Catherine plays classical piano, is a watercolor amateur artist, a longbow archer and amateur inventor. Catherine’s passion is helping others succeed, she genuinely loves mentoring by assisting in identifying business sector market trends, advising on establishing strategic vision, and developing and implementing business plans that achieve operational excellence.